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An African Twist to your Everyday Dish

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Great Taste Awards Winner 2020

Meet Maggie’s Hot and Sweet Chilli Sauce

We adore the golden yellow appearance of your chilli sauce... Sour, bitter, sweet, smoky and fruity elements all come together and deliver a wonderful array of progressive flavours, that culminate in a well balanced level of heat. “
— Great Taste Awards 2020

“The Spicy African Displaced Queen”

In order to escape the civil unrest, war and killings that were occurring in their country, a young couple find themselves in the U.K where they give birth to their first baby girl! The third of their growing family. Even though Displaced, they remember their roots and give their precious girl the native name, which translated means Queen of the Land. Years later this Queen also finds herself outside the familiar place she was raised in. In an attempt to recreate some of the culinary delights she was brought up with, she sits back and imagines… then experiments and tries this and that and sometimes she hits on an absolute winner! This was the birth of Maggie’s range of sauces, spices, food, words and more…


From North Wales

Based in North Wales, Maggie’s Exotic Foods provides access to a range of exotic fayre including spice mixes and pastes, catering services, cookery demonstrations & classes and authentic homemade products.  Read our story.

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