The Asake Range

“A russet colour, quite sweet and fruity - the heat is up front - yet it also lingers. The warmth is pure but interesting. The spicing is also long and complex. There are layers of flavour building around the heat.”

This is how one of the panels of Great Taste 2017 Judges describes The Asake Roasted chilli with Balsamic Sauce, which was awarded one Star in the 2107 Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Awards.

Fifteen months ago, The Asake Range of sauces and a chilli chutney (Chitney), were launched by the then new Mayor of Caernarfon in her maiden official duty and began tingling taste buds and surprising those who were brave enough to take on a new taste experience.

We watched and learned as our brave customers took tentative tastes, made sounds indicating that the sauces where mild and manageable followed about three seconds later; as the …layers of flavour built around the heat, by ahs, oohs and maen boeth(s) (Its hot in Welsh). We began to get a real flavour of how these sauces developed. We sold out long before the end of the day!

The table ready Asake Range also has proved to be very flexible with customers feeding back their various uses of the range. Roasted with Balsamic became the outright favourite with our customers in 2016, being poured directly on food, use to warm up soups, used in pasta sauce… Recipes to follow on this blog.

The Green sauce gave amazing flavour and warmth to seafood, the original is amazing as part of a dip incorporating mayonnaise or crème fraiche, while our new on the market Hot and Sweet which incorporates Mangoes, makes an amazing salad dressing.

But this is our view and that of the Great Taste Judges who Award Asake Roasted with Balsamic 1* star, try it or any other in the range for your own tongue tingling adventures.