A Fork in the Journey


Sometimes I walk that road before you!

I look back and see and decide to do a kindness and tell you some about my journey, in the hope that it might help when you get to that fork in the road,

Grief is heavy and weighty and mostly unprepared for. It steals your breath away, makes it seem like you’re walking in a fog; through treacle.

And then the tempter, who never has your good at heart adds another stone (weight) to the Burden of Grief.

Under normal circumstances, you can push or shove off that extra stone, but under the crushing weight of grief, the balance is tipped…

Who is there to lift this crushing weight, will things ever lighten, brighten?

Who knows what you are talking about, what you are going through?!

Grace, Mercy and LOVE, are the signposts to the route that leads out from under the crushing weight of grief.

The sculpture above which appears to define this weight is by Celeste Roberge and was not intended to have this title, it just seems to fit.

From Maggie in between production.